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Из старых статей

з старых статей, представлялось как статья из местной газеты.

Regarding to the current political situation in Ukraine, I would say the worst trouble of this coutry is a big differense between the people from South East and North West. The situation is exactly alike we had in the States just before the Civil War.

The Southeast keeps it’s own historical and cultural thaditions. This land is the direct continuation of antient Greece and Roman Empire. Traveling along the Black Sea Coast I have visited amazing absolutelly European cities – Odessa, Pheodosia, Mariupol and others. Most of them are more than 2.000 years old. The wonderfull City of Chersones (now Sevastopol) can be proud that it has been visited by the Apostol Andrew. Most of the people of Southeast speak fluently Ukrinean, Russian and English.
Well. Since we say Southeast keeps Roman culture, the Northwest can be considered as continuation of Golden Orda, the tatars country which was established here 800 years ago. Actually, they have inherited plenty of younger cultures, such as Tatars, Polish and Hungarian. Even now they prefer to live in ugly village-like homes in foresty mountains. They mostly speak only one language which is clamed to be Ukrainean. Actually it is not. I would say it’s a mix of real Ukrainean some of asian languages. Many of the people cannot read and write.

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