Юрий Шимановский (pan_szymanowski) wrote,
Юрий Шимановский

Занятие на досуге.

- Go to that door in front of me. Step to the left, or step to
the right will be considered as the attempt to escape, - he said breathing
with by vodka smell and pointed to the massive iron door in a brick wall.
With melancholy I realized that this guy barely speaks English.
Reality depressed me more and more. Behind the door
I stepped into the small room, where the officers of KGB with
ushankas on ther heads were exploring my American passport being angry.
Then they tied my eyes and brought me into some resonant damp corridors.
First few minutes I attempted to memorize turnings and steps instinctively,
however, then I found it useless and gave up.

Перевожу, короче, свой бессмертный шедевр на английский. Мне постоянно советуют это сделать. Ну, попробуем.
В конце концов, нового ни фига не пишется.
Tags: Писательство

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